Sakara Cleanse Bonus Day!

Well, half a bonus day. Since I had two lunches out this week, I had two Sakara lunches left. I decided to make these breakfast and lunch for Saturday.

I started the day with a run and came home ravenous. I’m not someone who needs to have breakfast food for breakfast necessarily, however, I’d be lying if I said I craved salad for breakfast.

But I opened up my box o’ greens ready to dive in. The meal was a Sunchoke Griddlecake w/ Garden Herb Salad. This was delicious and filling and after my first two bites, I got over the whole yuck-I-have-to-eat-salad-for-breakfast-thing.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Lunch was a Youth + Beauty Salad. This looked pretty boring to me and I was sad to end on a weak salad, since everything else was exciting and amazing. When I opened the box, however, I noticed there was a small cup filled with seeds of the sunflower and pumpkin persuasion. I sprinkled these over the salad along with the dressing and my salad was transformed from boring to delicious. So easy and something I will continue to do post cleanse.

I had a birthday bbq to attend but I stuck to one beer and a bunless quinoa veggie patty with some veggies with hummus. And now my cleanse is officially OVER.

Thoughts: The food from Sakara is out of this world. I see why these celebs are regulars. Not having to think twice about grocery shopping, cooking and portions gave my brain a much needed break. I didn’t have to deliberate with my coworker for 20 minutes trying to decide where we could get a healthy, satisfying meal in midtown that we weren’t completely sick of. I didn’t have to brave Whole Foods during the after work rush (which leaves me pale, shaking, and unsure about whether or not I’m actually a good person).

My skin looks great, I have no bloat, and I did lose a few pounds (a couple of which I’m sure were water weight from weekend overeating).

The downside is the price tag. It is hefty. I will probably do this cleanse a few times a year when I feel like treating myself. I will also continue to try to limit my gluten, dairy & meat intake as I am feeling so good.



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