Sakara Cleanse Day 3

Oh, hello Strawberry Shortcake Pancakes, welcome to my stomach.

Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset

Breakfast today was so. freaking. good.

The pancakes were soft and chewy (not exactly like normal fluffy pancakes, but more dense and cake-like). There was a fresh strawberry, peach and mint salsa to throw on that short stack. This breakfast was very filling- which my co-workers will appreciate since I’m pretty sure they are completely sick of the word “hangry”.

My boss asked me to go to lunch, which sent me into a panic. Honestly, you would have thought he asked me to sign over my first born with no visitation rights. I freaked. I couldn’t say no to lunch so instead I said no to everything but vegetables and about 5 chickpeas that were in my chopped salad. No wine, no salmon, no delicious warm baked bread, no dessert, no fun.

I feel good, though, and not just body good. I normally struggle at these corporate lunches because I’ll make a good choice and then reward myself with a piece of bread or something sweet. “Good job, Nicole. You ordered a salad proving to the weight loss gods that you mean business! Feel free to soak up some dressing with the special focaccia that’s lurking in the bottom of that basket. A dessert called the Chocolate Cube? Oh yeah, get that one fo sho”. Cut to me falling asleep at my desk by 3pm.

Today, I refused to eat anything with gluten or sugar, since I am detoxing them from my body, and that hard line helped me make the right decisions all day. This is the kind of structure I might need to implement in my life post-cleanse….but let’s not get ahead of ourselves, OK?

Dinner was Tantric Tandoori Cauliflower. This was decent, basically roasted veggies on salad with some Indian spices. When ordering the cleanse, I included “Cilantro” in my allergies. Unfortunately, I opened tonight’s dinner to a big pile of cilantro…but since I’m not really allergic and just really don’t like the stuff, I let it slide. Sakara saw right through me. You sly devils.

Waking up today was still hard but not as bad as Monday and Tuesday. Overall, I feel like I have more energy and I’m starting to adjust to eating smaller (healthier) meals.


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