I have to say, I LOVE Thursdays. Ever since Thirsty Thursdays in college, Fridays’ eve has held a soft spot in my heart. You’re over the hard part of the week and the weekend is so close you can smell it (it smells like brunch). Even though my Thursdays are no longer thirsty, they are very much enjoyable, sans half price margaritas.

These days, me and the boy don’t really get a night together until Thursday (after dinners with friends/family, basketball for him, gym for me, working late, etc.), so we try to make it special. We’ll make a point to sit down to a nice dinner. Usually, I’ll try out a healthy meal. This Thursday however, Michael has decided he would like to make our meal. After I excitedly accepted his offer for a kitchen free evening for yours truly, I panicked over what he would make. Michael, bless his carb loving can-eat-anything-and-not-gain-weight soul, specializes in Rice-a-Roni and tortellini. Luckily, my panic was simultaneous with Michael’s realization that I’m not the San Francisco treat’s biggest fan. He said he wanted to make something healthy enough for me (yeah, he can be pretty cute).

Upon thinking about what we have in our fridge and something that we would both enjoy, I remembered we had bacon in our freezer- something we never have. We also happen to have an avocado, tomato and baby spinach. My brilliant idea? B.L.A.T’s!! Some veggies, healthy fats, and sprouted grain bread for me and bacon for Mr. Not Quite As Healthy Pants. Everybody wins!


It’s bit more of assembling than cooking BUT it was delicious. I used to dislike avocados, which I think was my mind playing diet tricks with me. They are high in calories and fat but it’s the good fat that you need and will help satiate you as well as help you absorb nutrients better (and avocado is packed with ’em). They’re great to keep on hand- you never know when a BLAT night could be your future, and you do NOT want to miss out on that.

I forgot to mention that a very important part of our Thursday evenings (and basically our relationship in general) is sitting down to enjoy some shamelessly terrible reality TV. Tonight’s DVR line up? Real World and Khloe Lamar!! Happy Thursday 🙂


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