girls night out at The Social Table

On Thursday night, a bunch of girlfriends and I decided to go to a cooking class with a company called The Social Table. Typically, classes are announced and people can sign up based on the dishes they’d like to prepare. Being that we were a group of 8, we had our own private class and got to choose our own menu.

The list that was sent to us of menu items was HUGE. We decided to do a secret vote by choosing our top 3 entrees, sides, and dessert and then narrowing it down from there. This proved to be the hardest part of my week. Everything sounded amazing.

In the end, we ended up making cod in parchment paper over julienned veggies, spicy smashed broccoli, goat cheese soufflés (clearly the highlight of the night) and fresh strawberry shortcakes.

I should also mention that these classes are BYOB- and ohh how we brought our own bottles.

The class was amazing and dinner was delectable. The founder of The Social Table and our chef teacher for the night was Rebecca- by the end of the night we were sloppily asking if she could be our friend and I may or may not have invited her to a birthday celebration I’m having in a couple of weeks. Rebecca is really fun and we had such a great time while still learning some valuable stuff in the kitchen.

While teaching us how to prepare a delicious meal, Rebecca also managed to refill our wine glasses constantly. Let’s just say Friday  morning was not an easy one…

It’s a little blurry (I mean was a few glasses in before I remembered to photograph this experience!) but here are the goat cheese soufflés .

Sadly, I don’t have a picture of dessert because I inhaled it. I’m going to have to try to re-create that at some point though, because the shortcake was nothing short of amazing.

I definitely recommend The Social Table for a great night out!


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