A Good Friday

Great day off! I’m going to be trying really hard to not overeat on Easter (Clemenza’s do holidays in a BIG way), plus Passover on Monday with Mikey’s family was choc full of deliciousness. I wanted to make sure I got in plenty of exercise today while I had the time. I planned on sleeping in but naturally woke up at 7 (damn you, internal alarm clock!). I went to the gym and decided to run for the first time in weeks, just doing 2 miles of sprinting and jogging intervals and then 30 minutes on the elliptical. I stopped home for a delightful green monster and then headed back out to finally check out the yoga studio two blocks from my apartment (meaning I left the house to exercise twice before my lovely boyfriend even got out of bed…and he did not have the day off).

I have tried to get into yoga in the past. In college, I went regularly for a semester for gym credit and I loved it. Since then, I’ve taken a class here and there but I didn’t have that desire to go back for more. I decided I’d rather spend that time burning calories doing cardio.

I’ve decided to re-visit yoga and had a wonderful basic class for 90 minutes this morning. I didn’t love every minute- especially the chanting in the beginning (I’m not much of a chanter), but I felt much better afterwards. I bought a 10 class card to push myself into going and I’m actually pretty excited about it!

Another thing I’m super excited about, while not nearly as healthy but still vital to my happiness and well-being, are these new cookies I found in Whole Foods, Gilbert’s Goodies:

While shopping yesterday, this girl was giving out samples of a cookie her and a friend make. I don’t have any issues with gluten or food allergies but cookies are my downfall, soI said bring on the samples, lady!

Bring on the samples she did. There were three types: Snickerdoodles, Sugar Cookies & Chocolate Chip. Delicious and they have great stats for a sweet treat- 4 (smallish) cookies pack 150 calories with all natural & minimal ingredients.

I always feel bad taking a sample (or 3…) and listening to the spiel on the product and just walking away. I took a bag of snickerdoodles, kind of intending to put it back later in my travels. Well, surprise surprise, the cookies stayed safely tucked in my basket.

Today I crumbled two of these cookies over some Greek yogurt mixed with vanilla extract. It was a delightful treat and I definitely encourage everyone to try these cookies if you see them!

Have a great weekend!


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