Free Cone Day!!!

First things first, before we get the healthy stuff and the working out. It is Free Cone Day at Ben & Jerry’s. I went to college in Vermont (the home state of this fabulous ice creamery) and I was a Lead Scoop while in college (I knew I’d never get farther than that however, when my manager told me I had bad “scoop” technique and nearly gave myself carpel tunnel.)

I fully intend on indulging in a small cup of ice cream today and strongly encourage you to do the same (they take out the calories when it’s free).

And now I will put my healthy pants back on…

This morning I had that free personal training session with Mel. He was amazing and motivating and kept saying “that’s my girl” when I surprised both of us by not collapsing and dying after every move he made me do eleventy billion times. Tomorrow, Mel will be my worst enemy. I will not be his girl. Because I will not be able to move. 

Recently, I was having a conversation with girlfriends about how when you work out really hard, your body starts to shake absolutely uncontrollably. This is especially embarrassing when you are getting one on one attention from a trainer/instructor and everything is going fine and then it looks like you are being electrocuted. Try as you might to steady your limbs, the vibrations continue.

And oh things were shaking up this morning…I tried to laugh it off when on the fifth leg lift, my knees appeared to have a life of their own. Mel  explained that your muscles shake when they’re doing something they aren’t used to doing. So if you’re doing a new exercise, adding weights or increasing reps, your muscles quiver as they grab on to each other while lengthening and shortening. It means that you’re demanding more from your body that it’s normally capable of doing. And this definitely means that you’ll be sore the next day. No doubt about it.

In my case, I’m sore already so if you see me walking on Thursday (second day is always the worst), applaud my efforts because it won’t be coming easy.


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