Detoxing on Auto Pilot

I find cravings to be fascinating. During the winter, I crave roasted root vegetables like crazy and tend to eat heartier meals like chili. People also tend to crave meats and oils during the colder months. These are all warming foods. During the summer, I could live on fresh fruit and crave salads much more. Raw fruits and veggies are cooling foods. I already feel my cravings shifting to cooler foods like salads.

Spring is a time for rain (move over rain showers and just bring me my May flowers please) and it’s kind of a bit symbolic for the cleansing process that the body goes through during this time of year. After months of heavier meals, less sunlight, less time spent out in the fresh air, your body starts to naturally purify itself. I tend to think that this is also tied into mood and stress levels. A lot of people have been telling me how stressed they feel and I could not agree more, plus I’ve been uncharacteristically sluggish. Some people say that this is also a sign of the cleansing process.

If you’re like me, you might be craving more raw fruits and veggies, which is exactly what your body wants to help facilitate this cleansing process. There is lots of great produce to look forward to, including avocados, mangoes, pineapples, spinach, asparagus, garlic, lemons and artichokes. Keep things simple and dress your salads with lemon juice, olive oil and a little bit of sea salt.

Someone once told me to think of cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli and cauliflower as little brooms (because of their shape) that just sweep up your insides. That could be one of the reason I’ve been eating roasted broccoli by the pan-ful.

Also make sure you get plenty of rest and water to aid in this elimination of toxins.

Happy Cleansing!


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