Welcome Back Spring, I’ve Missed you!

Spring is coming to NYC! Right now it is beautiful and in the high 50’s and I could not be happier. Even though it was a bit of a late night, and I woke up waaaay too early (my body punishes me by now allowing me to sleep late EVER), I got myself to the gym. This turned out to take longer than I anticipated because my NYSC is going through renovations.  After being shut out from that location, I walked to the next-window shopping my way, as per usual. By the time I got there I only had the energy to sweat it out for half an hour plus some reps with weights before heading to pick up some groceries and a bagel for the boy.

Last night’s Slice visit was a success! We split 3 slices, The Miki, The Bomb and the Yuri (with broccoli instead of mushrooms), as well as an Arugula salad. Everything was divine.

Not so divine, however, was our movie of choice. Now I had heard that Requiem for a Dream was crazy, but I was not adequately prepared for what I saw. Lara and I had to watch 2 episodes of Seinfeld afterwards before we felt somewhat normal again.

Feed Me:

I started the day with a great Green Monster and it tasted so good that Mikey had me make him one (he said it cured his hangover!). For lunch I cut a slice of premade polenta and heated that in a pan. I topped that with a poached egg  and some sautéed spinach. This was actually my first time poaching an egg and I was seriously nervous. I used the vinegar and whirlpool method and it was a success! After a walk in Riverside Park, I snacked on a green apple with almond butter. Meeting up with Mikey for a small bite out before going to Brooklyn for drinks with friends.

Is it bad that I have Sunday Dread already??


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