The Green Monster Craze

As I mentioned on Sunday, I am starting my new kick butt fitness/nutrition regimen this week. Yesterday, I didn’t post my meal plan (it went something like Baked Banana Oat Bar & Siggi’s Yogurt for breakfast, Chicken w/ Mozzarella Slim Pret for lunch, grapes as a snack and for dinner I had the rest of my steamed sweet potato as well as…A GREEN MONSTER-more on that later). I also logged in a 45 minute workout between the elliptical & treadmill. I tend to go a bit easier on days when I’m working out after work because otherwise I start to dread it and make an excuse not to go. I’m also REALLY sore from trapeze lessons!

Today, I worked out in the morning. I got my butt on the treadmill and did some sprinting/jogging intervals for 2 miles, and then jogged another 10 minute mile. After that, I walked another mile on an incline of 5% at 4mph. I decided to work (ever so slightly) through my soreness and hit a couple of weight machines. Well this paid off because a personal trainer gave me a flyer for a free training session! Woo! (I guess it looked like I needed it, since I’m not a regular around the weights I probably always have a confused look on my face).

In my daze of waking up at 5:50 in the morning to get out the door by 6:05, I forgot my breakfast. What is a girl to do? Smoothies, darling.

I must say, although highly enjoyable, I tend to stay away from smoothies as meal choices because I take those suckers down in mere minutes and then feel like I’m missing out (I like to chew food!). Last night however, I made myself my first ever green smoothie. Inspired by other bloggers, especially Angela who devoted an entire site to the Green Monster Movement, I decided to dive in. I recently picked up my first bag of chia seeds, and after a not so successful chia pudding (I refuse to give up so easily), I read about people throwing a tablespoon of chia seeds into smoothies. It worked like a charm! I had a glorious thick smoothie that was filling and so good for me. At a smoothie friendly shop around the corner from my office, I tried to recreate this gem of a shake by asking for a blend of spinach, banana, strawberries and Greek yogurt (since chia seeds weren’t an option). It was delish but not nearly as thick and satisfying so of course it was gone immediately. Luckily, I grabbed a green apple as back up!

See my recipe for My Very First Green Monster below:

1 Banana

1 small handful of frozen mixed berries

A few frozen pineapple chuncks

2 cups of Spinach


1 Tbl Chia Seeds

Blend all ingredients, except ice until very smooth. Once blended, add ice and grind. Pour and enjoy!


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